Why WorkFeel is your partner in reducing turnover

We’ve explored why turnover is harmful to an organization and the steps you can take to learn more about what’s driving employee engagement. You see the value in deploying a solution to learn more about engagement and the sentiment of your team and WorkFeel is that solution.

WorkFeel is your Partner in Reducing Turnover

WorkFeel delivers the functionality you need to better understand employee engagement, reduce turnover and drive profitability in your organization.

Key Features include;

Daily Email – The WorkFeel platform sends an email everyday to every employee which asks them just one mandatory question, “How do you feel about work today”? This simple question allows you to capture employee sentiment and lets your employee get back to work in less than 10 seconds.Plus, once the daily email is configured in the platform you’ll never have to remember to send it. That’s one more piece of admin off your plate.

Management Dashboard – The WorkFeel platform features a management dashboard which presents the results of the survey, giving you an“employee engagement score”. This real time picture allows you to understand employee sentiment like never before. The dashboard allows you to track your employee engagement score over time. To give you an even deeper understanding,you can even sort by gender, occupational group, or geographic location.

Deeper Dive – In additional to the daily question on how employees feel, the daily survey also includes optional questions which employees can answer to provide context into their feelings. The first question is “What issues are driving your feelings?”, this question is accompanied by a series of boxes they can click to identify the issues important to them.Finally, another two questions about what they do and don’t like about their role are accompanied by open text boxes. All of this additional information is also presented in the management dashboard.

Anonymity Guaranteed – Employees need to feel safe when providing feedback and WorkFeel allows them to do this through our completely anonymous surveys. While employee survey feedback is gathered and shown in the management dashboard, quantitative and qualitative feedback provided by employees is never matched to the name of the employee. Anonymity Guaranteed.

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