5 easy ways to understand the drivers of turnover in an organization

As we discussed in our last article, turnover is very damaging to an organization and very it is difficult to understand the drivers of turnover.

Here are 5 key things you can do to measure staff engagement, demonstrate your commitment to a positive organizational culture and understand the issues that could drive turnover

Understanding Turnover

Develop a robust exit interview program – Developing a robust exit interview program will allow you to seek candid feedback from employees about what they loved about your organization and what could be improved.

Drive holistic discussions through performance reviews – Use the annual (or quarterly) performance reviews to have a discussion beyond just the employees performance on job related tasks, use these sessions to understand what excites them about the organization and what they would like to see change.

Demonstrate management commitment – Show employees you are committed to improving the workplace by being responsive to the issues you uncover. Use town hall style meetings to discuss things you’ve learned and the changes you are making. For example, if work life balance is an issue you hear about, implement job-sharing and make sure employees know about it!

Get to know your team – Take opportunities to make unplanned, unstructured visits to your employees' work areas. Use these informal visits to get to know employees, learn what motivates them and the challenges they face carrying out their day to day tasks.

Implement anonymous surveys – Providing anonymity is one of the best ways to drive candid employee feedback. A traditional paper survey collected via a survey box in a common area is one way to do this but collecting sufficient data around factors like department and gender will be difficult. Furthermore, implementing across a multi-location organization will be cumbersome. A digital survey tool, such as the one developed by WorkFeel, would likely be an effective way to capture regular, granular data across locations while guaranteeing employee anonymity.

Join us next week when we outline how WorkFeel can be your partner in reducing turnover!