Employee Pulse Surveys Done Right.

Get the insights into your company that can make a positive impact on culture. Daily employee pulse surveys let employees score how they feel about that work day so teams can measure satisfaction over time.

Score Tags

Employees can add tags to their daily pulse scores that they can add reasons to why they picked that score.

Score Comments

Employees can add comments to their daily pulse scores to provide more context into why a score was chosen for that day.

Daily Pulse Survey
Daily Pulse Survey

Daily pulse surveys give you the best data sets to measure over time, instead of just one period in time.

Participation Rate

Measure the engagement rate within your company to determine if actionable changes should be made.

Get the features you need. Leave the rest.

Employee engagement software can sometimes be overwhelming. WorkFeel provides the features you need so you don't spend hours going through data. Get answers, and start building a better culture for your employees.

Employee Survey Response
Happiness at it's core

Show Employees You Care.

Studies show that when employees are listened to, they are happier and more productive. Start building a strong culture by unlocking answers to what your employees care about most.

Daily responses

Pulse Survey

Employees receive a pulse survey to their work email every day at the same time. Employees will give their day a number score to determine how their day went. These scores are collected and fed back to your admin dashboard.


Recruit Top Talent

Use your organizational scores and feedback to promote your company's culture and prove to top candidates you have a culture thats right for them.

Daily Employee
Engagement Software

Learn how your employees feel through daily pulse surveys and get the insights you need to increase productivity, reduce turnover, and build a better culture.

Actionable Insights
Honest Feedback
Measurable Change
Cost Effective