Employee Pulse Surveys
that Actually Help

Learn how your employees feel through pulse surveys and get the insights you need to increase retention, increase employee happiness, and build a better culture.

The one solution you need to know your team.

WorkFeel's daily pulse surveys take your team from guessing how your employees feel, to knowing how they feel, through data.

Daily pulse surveys take one click to answer and give your employees a safe way to be heard.

Easy & Quick

WorkFeel is easy for everyone involved. From HR teams to individual employees. Surveys are easy and our user-friendly dashboard makes data analysis a snap.

Daily or Weekly Pulse Surveys

Employees receive a survey everyday at a specific time via email. They will then click to provide their answer and continue on with their work day.

Find Answers

Receiving daily feedback provides your team data insights to know how your employees feel at every job level, department, demographics and more.


Employee Daily Pulse Survey

Employees receive the daily pulse survey asking them to rank their day.

Data Recorded in Admin Panel

The data is collected and compiled into an admin panel where admins can analyze and dig-deeper to learn more about roles, departments, gender, and more.


Improve Culture

Implementing changes based off feedback to build a better culture and increase employee scores.

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