4 Reasons why WorkFeel Makes Employee Surveys Worth It

You have heard about the benefits of employee surveys but a question you, your HR team or your senior leadership may often wonder is are employee surveys worth it?

While there are some challenges to delivering employee engagement survey data which makes the results worth the effort, correctly done an employee survey program can absolutely deliver value to an organization.

4 Reasons Why WorkFeel Makes Employee Surveys Worth It

WorkFeel delivers a Daily Employee Engagement Score –Delivering a daily employee engagement score is a feature that makes WorkFeel unique, rather than delivering employee sentiment data on monthly or quarterly basis, WorkFeel delivers an exact employee engagement score (from 0 to 10) across the business every day. You’ll never wonder how your workforce is feeling again.

WorkFeel allows you to sort data by gender – WorkFeel knows that men and women experience organizational life differently and have different perceptions of many aspects of the workplace including promotion opportunities, amenities, and work/life balance. WorkFeel is committed to providing HR professionals with the knowledge they need to create equitable workplaces by providing the ability to sort all data by gender.

WorkFeel allows you to sort data by occupational group –What works well for one group of employees will not necessarily work well for all employees. Occupational groups can have dramatically different experiences in the workplace and as a result different levels of engagement. The intuitive SaaS dashboard provided by WorkFeel provides HR professionals the ability to sort data by occupational group to truly understand how each functional area feels.

WorkFeel allows you to measure the impact of a change quickly– To achieve true dynamism, an HR function must be able to understand the current situation, make changes and then measure the result. By delivering employee engagement daily, WorkFeel empowers HR professionals to understand challenges and then measure the results of their efforts to drive change.

In conclusion, if you want to make your employee survey worth it, you need to partner with the right organization. Workfeel is that organization. Contact us today to learn more!