Are Employee Surveys Worth it?

A question that Human Resource professionals may often ask themselves or receive is; are employee surveys worth it? When answering that question, it is important to consider the monetary cost, HR time, and potential annoyance to employees involved versus the benefits which can difficult to quantify.

Factors to consider

There are several factors to consider when determining whether employee surveys are worth the effort for your organization:

Do you understand data at a truly granular level? – For example,can you measure employee sentiment by gender, occupational group, or office location?

-Do you capture employee sentiment frequently? – Many employee survey solutions collect data on quarterly or semi-annual basis, which makes it hard to understand what the current employee engagement position.

-Are you able to measure impact shortly after an important change is made? – When you institute change based on information from a previous employee engagement survey, are you able to measure the impact in a timely manner?

Thus, whether or not employee surveys are “worth it” depends on whether you deploy a solution which delivers the capabilities your organization needs to make effective changes, if not then maybe your approach to employee surveys is not worth the effort. Drop by next week when we discuss why WorkFeel is the employee engagement solution that makes employee surveys worth it!