WorkFeel is Your Solution to Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement

We’ve looked at how hard it can be to know if your employees are engaged and the importance of employee engagement to achieving your business objectives. It’s apparent that leaders need a clear way to measure employee engagement in real time and understand the issues driving it. The right solution would allow leaders to keep their finger on the pulse of their organizational culture and make proactive changes which would strengthen the relationship between employees and their employers, reduce turnover and drive productivity. WorkFeel is that solution.


WorkFeel is an innovative new software-as-a-service solution which allows anorganizations leadership to truly understand the employee sentiment and engagement of their workforce. A daily survey delivered to employee inboxcombined with an easy to use dashboard provides leadership with an unprecedented real time view of how their employees feel at work.

Easy Survey

WorkFeel deploys a daily survey which is delivered straight to employees inboxes every morning. All employees must do is select how they feel about their day from 1 to 10. That’s it. In less than 10 seconds you’ve captured their sentiment and they are back to their day.

Real time Reporting

The core of WorkFeel is the management dashboard which allows you to see a daily employee engagement score across the business. The dashboard is available when you need it, anytime, anywhere you have access to a web browser. Get ready to know your workforce like never before.

Anonymity Assured

Acquiring candid feedback has always been a challenge for leaders. Most employees simply don’t feel comfortable giving negative feedback directly to their employer, meaning issues that negatively impact culture remain unresolved. WorkFeel lets you say goodbye to this challenge forever. All WorkFeel employee surveys are anonymous, allowing employees to express their true feelings and delivering an accurate picture of employee sentiment (in real time!).

See the Whole Picture

Knowing your employee engagement level overall is one thing,understanding the where, how and why is another. WorkFeel’s intuitive management dashboard allows you to sort data by occupational group, location, gender and more. Additionally, employees have the added option of selecting the factors driving their feelings within the daily survey and this is also reported on, giving you the ability to understand the issues impacting organization culture and putting you on the fast track to making the improvements which will reduce turnover!

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